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Congress to observe parallel protest against CM Rupani’s 5-yr celebration

Ahmedabad: With Vijay Rupani set to complete five years as Gujarat’s Chief Minister on August 07, the state government has planned a nine-day series of themed events to mark the occasion.

However, the Congress party has plans of its own for these same nine days: a series of protests that will run parallel to the government’s celebration.  

Making the announcement, Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee president Amit Chavda said, “Instead of helping the inflation-hit public, the government is celebrating its bad governance.”

He added: “The government should be ashamed at its many failures. More than two lakh people have died due to COVID-19. Thousands have been left jobless with no avenues for employment. And even farmers are in distress. But the government wants to waste people’s money for its own entertainment.”

Chavda said that the Congress party’s protests would mirror the themes announced by the government. “Shikshan Bachavo Abhiyan will be observed on Day 1, Day 2 will be Samvedanhin Sarkar:

Arogya Bachavo Abhiyan, etc,” adding, “More than 6,000 government schools were forced to shut or merge in other schools. Similarly, many colleges and institutes of higher education have been given to private players, who charge exorbitant fees that leave common people unable to afford an education.”

He further said, “People have had trouble getting basic healthcare from the government and, in COVID-19 times, people were literally left to the mercy of God. Given that the BJP has been in power for 25 years, it is unlikely that the state lacks facilities even at the taluka level.

So, if the BJP is promoting private hospitals, it must mean that it is looting the people, or that there is a dire need to revamp healthcare infrastructure.”

Issues like food security, women security, farmers concern, unemployment, citizens right, and social revolution will also be addressed during the period, he said.

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  • observe parallel protest against CM Rupani’s 5-yr celebration
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