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BJP is scared of Rahul Gandhi, asserts CM Gehlot

Surat: CM Ashok Gehlot was in Surat on Monday. Rahul Gandhi filed an appeal in the court and Gehlot was also present. Addressing a presser, Gehlot said, “At present the atmosphere in country isn’t good and every section is scared today. Constitution in the country is in danger. Democracy is being mocked, common citizen of the country is worried. Voter may be less educated, but he will teach you a lesson when the time comes. BJP is scared of Rahul Gandhi.

Today Congress is fighting for truth and you are arresting those who do Satyagraha. To come to power, they made big promises of bringing black money, but today on talking about black money action is being taken.

Our party works on the basis of culture and dignity. Congress has been respecting OBCs and will continue to do so. I myself am from OBC and today I am the CM. Indira ji, Rajiv ji sacrificed their lives for the country.

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