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Amit Shah to hold Annual General Meeting of major Gujarat cooperative institutions tomorrow

New Delhi: Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah is slated to participate in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of major cooperative institutions of Gujarat on Sunday.
In his day-long visit to his hometown, the Minister will participate in the co-operative symposium-- an AGM of major cooperative institutions of Gujarat organised in Amreli city in Gujarat around 11.30 am. Sources said that the pride of dairy co-operatives and owner of the brand Amul, GCMMF, the apex body of 18 milk unions spread across the state of Gujarat, may also participate in the AGM as the Union Cooperation Minister months ago this year lauded its commitment for strengthening the co-operative movement and empowering women.
Speaking at the AGM, an official said detailed turnover, profits and future plans of the major co-operative institutions in Gujarat are expected to be discussed.
The meet is being organised two days after, the Home Minister chaired a two-day conference of State Cooperation Ministers organised by the Ministry of Cooperation in New Delhi on September 8 to 9 in which deliberations were held on various important themes including - National Cooperation Policy, National Cooperative Database, New Proposed Schemes of Ministry of Cooperation like Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) in every Panchayat, Export of Agro-based and other products, promotion and marketing of Organic Products, expansion of Co-operatives to New Areas.
In the meeting, subjects related to PACS and Model Bye-Laws including PACS Computerization, Action Plan for Revitalization of defunct PACS and Model Bye-Laws of PACS were also discussed along with issues related to Primary Co-operative Societies regarding prioritizing long-term financing, Milk Co-operative Societies and Fish Cooperative Societies in presence of 21 states and Lieutenant Governors of two Union Territories.
After attending the cooperatives' meeting, as per the current schedule, the Home Minister will go for worship at Lord Somnath temple at 3 pm. (ANI)

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