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Ahmedabad's Tanvi Rathore wins the Mrs. Universe Generosity title at the "44th Mrs. Universe 2021" in South Korea


Ahmedabad: Tanvi Rathore was born in the city of Mumbai and considers Mumbai the land of her dreams. But after marriage, she lives in Ahmedabad with her 'dream and passion'. She stepped into the field of modelling and pageantry with just faith and willpower. After living with a different dream of celebrating the title of Mrs. Talented India 2018, she represented India at the 44th Mrs. Universe 2021 (held in Seoul, South Korea). With her hard work and dedication, she recently achieved the title of Mrs. Universe Generosity.

Along with this, she has participated in the competition with participation from more than 97 countries. Tanvi's costume has been styled by celebrity and fashion stylist Drishti Gajjar.

Tanvi was also awarded the Glamor and Lifestyle Award 2019 and Mrs. Indian Ocean 2021. Along with this, she got coaching from famous coaches Dr. Rita Gangwani and Ms. Shaveta Athwal. She is giving a great example that there is no certain age to dream and fulfil it. After becoming a mother of a 4-year-old girl with 36 years of her life, she is fulfilling her dream. Also has done over 200 stage shows worldwide.

Talking about the title she achieved in this competition, Tanvi Rathore said, I always participated in any competition with my life motto. My main goal has been, 'Be confident, be strong, be yourself’. Not only from India, but many women from outside India also participated in this event. I was very happy when I also represented India in an international competition in South Korea. I would like to thank everyone associated with me for the title Mrs. Universe Generosity.

In her life journey, she gives great importance to her family, in-laws, parents and husband. Her parents are his backbone, while his daughter is his heartbeat, who teaches him to fight the difficulties in his life together and to live with appreciation. This strengthens their outlook on life and teaches them to focus on everything in life.

With this work, they have dreamed of creating an organization where every needy person can join at no cost and get a coach wherever they need in their life. Their main aim at any stage and field of life is to live faithfully with the fulfilment of duties.

Their lives are impressive, kind and gentle. She has performed as a classical and folk dancer for over 200 stage shows worldwide. She is a student of the Lakhiya of Padma Bhushan Kumudi and the Shahgird of Pandita Uma Dogra in terms of classical dance. She has also been the Principal Dancer of Gracie Singh and Smt. Anila Sundar Mandal. Along with this, she has also done a Master's in Management.

Tanvi Rathore also works as a brand ambassador with many outstanding brands like Nayika, L'Oreal, Matrix, Sula, Sugar, Colorbar, Dermatech, Dishano, P Ramesh, Moneypure, Coolberg. Along with this, he has a command over 4 languages (Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and English). She has worked with daily soaps like Sri Krishna (Ramanand Sagar's) Dev-O-K Dev Mahadev, which enlightens millions in an entertaining manner. She has also acted in a few music videos.

Besides this, Tanvi is working towards breast cancer awareness duties and helping women fight against domestic violence.


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