Sunday, July, 25,2021

Yoga helped Covid-19 patients at IKDRC recover faster

Ahmedabad: ‘Covid Rehabilitation Protocol’ based on Yoga and pranayam breathing techniques implemented by Institute of Kidney Diseases & Research Centre (IKDRC) helped Covid-19 patients recover sooner coupled with lesser number of hospitalization days, an empirical study by the institute said.

Breathing techniques based on Yoga and pranayam for Covid-19 patients and hospital staff on Covid duty since May 2020 reduced stress and anxiety and reinforced overall well-being of the patients.  

“Conscious breathing rejuvenates circulatory and respiratory systems which in turn ensure better delivery of nutrition and medication to areas under infection,” explained Dr Viral Trivedi, Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology at the institute.

He said breathing techniques based on yoga showed extremely good results in patients who were admitted to the hospital since last year with mild to moderate Covid-19 symptoms.

“Covid duty was taxing on the physical and psychological state of our staff which was contained through deep breathing and yoga that relaxes the mind and helps release neurotransmitters”, said Dr. Trivedi.

As per an estimate, humans involuntarily take 25,000 breaths a day that roughly translate into only 30% of lung capacity. Still, it leaves a huge scope for improving lung capacity. But a conscious inhale and exhale breaths make a difference in regulating the nervous and immune systems.

“We saved hundreds of liters of oxygen due to ‘Covid Rehabilitation protocol’ and brought down hospitalization by at least two days among moderately infected covid patients,” said Dr Vineet Mishra, Director-IKDRC-ITS.

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