Monday, June, 21,2021

Where are the beds for Guj nCoV patients?

Ahmedabad: According to the state government’s submission before the high court on May 04, there were more than one lakh beds for COVID-19 patients across Gujarat.

In its affidavit, the state said that the total number of beds in all COVID-19 facilities was approximately 50,000 during the first wave. As of May 01, this number has increased to 1,03,033 beds in 2,298 institutes, it said.

However, the number of active cases reported by the state’s health department on a daily basis shows that the state does not have enough beds for COVID-19 patients.

On May 1--when the state says it had 1,03,033 beds--Gujarat reported 1,42,139 active cases, indicating a deficit of 40,000 beds.

While the state does not share data on patients under home isolation, it is to be noted that--according to government-issued data--there are more than four lakh people under quarantine in Gujarat.

“This clearly shows that the state does not have proper infrastructure,” Manish Doshi, chief spokesperson of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee said, adding, “The government has mastered the art of manipulating data. Not just beds, there is a scarcity of every essential thing we need to tackle COVID-19, but the government is hiding this by fudging data.”

He also said, “They don’t remember the lies they tell, so you will find new data for the same thing in different affidavits.”

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