Saturday, May, 08,2021

Vadodara administration garlands mask violators as a punishment

Vadodara: There are two ways of enforcing the law -- either by force or by stirring the self-esteem of the violator. Vadodara district administration has chosen the latter by discovering a unique punishment for those flouting Covid-19 norms.

Here, the members of the rule-enforcement team clap for the violators and make them wear flower garlands in public.

“I was not wearing a mask because I was having an ice cream. It was very embarrassing and will not repeat the mistake again,” Kailash, a rule-violator, said.

“Our enforcement team, with the help of Vadodara police and Vadodara Municipal Corporation, are spreading awareness among the public by embarrassing them using this method,” Hemat Kisarkar, the supervisor, said.

He added they were getting good results as many who get caught realise their mistake after they clap for them and make them wear a flower garland.

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