Monday, June, 21,2021

Rajkot scientist develops ‘effective’ Ayurvedic drug for COVID-19

Rajkot: As the COVID-19 pandemic wrecks havoc across the world, an effective, low-cost herbal drug has been formulated by an award-winning scientist in Rajkot.

The drug, which has been named Virojit has not only been proven to be effective on other multiple viruses but also COVID-19. According to reports, it is touted to be an immunomodulatory drug, and has also increased oxygen level in several nCoV patients.

After conducting a year-long research, 72-year-old Dr Mukesh Shukla came up with the drug that has also been approved by the Food and Drugs Control Administration (FDCA) and is now available for sale on e-commerce platforms.

“The medicine has been clinically proven to be effective on around 300 patients. It can modulate the immune system of a patient along with beta cells to boost their immunity.

The antiviral drug is highly effective and has been observed to help increase the oxygen levels of COVID-19 patients on consumption,” said Dr Shukla.

With the patent for Virojit pending, Dr Shukla has claimed “that this herbal drug is more prolific than other Ayurvedic medicines available in the market and is also safe, effective as well as low-cost.”

When First India corroborated the effect of this medicine on various nCoV positive patients and their family members, KJ Bhatt, deputy commissioner at FDCA Gujarat informed, “This drug has been given to my family members, who had tested positive for the virus.

The result was good and they recovered within eight to nine days.”

A COVID-19 patient who recovered from the virus, Narsibhai Siyaniya said, “When I had nCoV, I could not sleep for three days.

I had severe bodyache, fever, headache and a runny nose. This Ayurvedic drug gave positive results in three days’ time and I tested negative on the fourth day.

I recommended it to one of my friends and his 75-year-old diabetic mother whose oxygen level had dropped down to 75%, who both observed higher oxygen levels within 24 hours of taking the drug.” 

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