Wednesday, October, 27,2021

Rajkot school finds post-Covid eyesight issues

Rajkot: Online education and overuse of television and mobile is showing alarming results in students’ eyesight. After conducting an Eye Checking Camp at a grant in aid school in Rajkot, over 100 students were found with poor eyesight. The camp was conducted based on a complaint received by a student about poor vision in the classroom.

There are around 600 students studying in class 9th and 10th at Virani high school, Rajkot. During one of the offline sessions, a student notified his teacher of having trouble in his eyesight.

The teacher, Dr. Mehta, informed the school principal Harendrasinh Dodia and immediately organized an eye check-up camp at the school free of cost with the support of ophthalmologist Dr. Pooja Lakhani.

“Shockingly, the eyesight of around 135 students were found weak. While 100 students got normal numbers, 35 students called for further check-ups. Many were prescribed for cylindrical or spherical glasses. Many had dry eyes and few were called for eye exercises.”

Dr. Mehta added. “We have students coming from financially challenged families. With the help of an NGO we arrange glasses for those students. Ironically, their parents, most of whom are labourers, were not even aware of the eyesight problems of their children

I am sure a large number of students call for eye check-ups. Because of overuse of mobile and unhealthy food habits, the cases of poor eyesight are rising rapidly,” Dr. Mehta added.

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