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NCoV situation grim but under control, AG Trivedi tells Court

Defended shortage of beds & Remdesivir shortage, and advised against lockdown

Ahmedabad: The Gujarat High Court division bench comprising Chief Justice Vikram Nath and Justice Bhargav Karia initiated suo motu proceedings on the current COVID-19 situation in the state on Sunday. But, defending its actions, the state government has been trying to convince the court that “although the situation is grim, it is under control.”

In the submission made by advocate general Kamal Trivedi before the high court division bench on Monday, the state government stated that over 72,000 beds were reserved for COVID-19 patients across the state.

“In Ahmedabad, the bed capacity of private hospitals is 6,300 but patients or their relatives have been making demands to be admitted to selective hospitals only. When it is learned that the beds in those hospitals are already occupied, it creates an impression that there is shortage of beds,” he said.

With the government in no mood to impose a lockdown in the state, it has instead chosen to depend more on voluntary, self-imposed lockdowns. Trivedi also submitted, “If a lockdown is imposed in the state, many people will lose their daily wages and migrant labourers will have to suffer the most. It will also adversely affect the state’s economy and that is why it is not advisable to enforce it in larger interest.”

Trivedi also tried to defend the negligent conduct of medical staffers in handling the treatment and welfare of nCoV patients by stating that even though all facilities are available to patients on their beds, they had not been using them.

Commenting on the shortage of Remdesivir injectable drug, Trivedi told the court that people who do not need the drug had also been trying to buy it as a precautionary measure. Remdesivir is not required if the patient is undergoing home treatment or is asymptomatic and not critical.

The supply is also low. Only seven companies manufacture it. The production is just 1.75 lakh vials per day. We are procuring around 25,000 injections every day,” he informed.

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