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‘Maru Gam, Corona Mukt Gam’ gets lukewarm response

Sarpanchs of 23 villages in Rajkot taluka are reluctant to set up isolation facilities without govt or dist admin support

Ahmedabad: After the ‘Maru Gam, Corona Mukt Gam’ (My nCoV-free village) campaign was launched by the state government amid much fanfare a few days ago, it has received mixed response from local authorities.

Under the new campaign, isolation facilities COVID-19 Care Centres (CCCs) were to be set up for patients infected with the virus. Joining the relief effort, local social groups have established such isolation facilities successfully, but in some districts, they have been deemed ‘functional’ only on paper and not in reality.

A survey was conducted by a local vernacular daily of all CCC facilities set up at village community centres at 33 villages in Rajkot taluka. Of these, 23 sarpanchs conveyed that they were not going to open a CCC in their villages. They reasoned that since neither the district

administration nor the state government had assured them of any support such as medicines, oxygen supply, or medical personnel, they were not keen to start an operation.

While speaking to First India, the sarpanchs of 10 villages confirmed that they had created isolation facilities with 10 beds each but had locked them due to lack of support.  

They also alleged that the taluka development officer had asked them to put 5 to 10 beds, take photographs for evidence of the operation, which would then be forwarded to Gandhinagar.

When asked about the reports, Rajkot taluka development officer Pankaj Parmar said to mediaperons, “There are 98 villages in the taluka and apart from Kherdi village, 97 villages have started CCCs.” The claim made by Parmar explains the situation even as 23 village heads have admitted that they would not set up such a facility in their villages.

The exception to the rule is Premgadh village in Jetpur taluka of Rajkot district. A 10-bed isolation facility has been set up there with oxygen supply.

A physician has been appointed to conduct rounds on patients twice a day, and 10 youths from the village have been deployed to provide them with 24-hour service including tea, snacks, lunch and dinner. Local industry has taken the onus of bearing the financial end of medicines among other expenses.

Another facility that has been established is located in Patana village in Vallabhipur taluka of Bhavnagar district.

While it is equipped with 20 beds, 15 more are to be added soon. The operation has been sponsored by the Gems and Jewellery National Relief Foundation, who have also arranged for medical staffers for the CCC. 

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