Sunday, July, 25,2021

LESSON: Rajkot cops ‘steal’ 35 vehicles

Rajkot: Residents of societies under the jurisdiction of Bhaktinagar police station area in the city reported 35 vehicles as ‘missing’ on Saturday morning. After vehicle owners rushed to lodge a complaint, they discovered that cops had rounded up their vehicles.

According to officials, this unique experiment was undertaken by the police to teach a lesson to people who keep their vehicles unlocked in parking lots outside their residential premises, especially during the night.

Speaking to First India, Bhaktinagar police station sub-inspector RJ Kamaliya said, “With a rise in the number of vehicle theft cases in the city, we rounded up a total of 35 vehicles parked unlocked outside various residential areas under the guidance of inspector JD Jhala on Friday night. A few vehicles did not even have number plates.”

“Crimes are generally committed with the help of stolen vehicles. We targeted residential societies located close to highway roads.

When the owners came to the police station to lodge complaints, they were told that police had lifted their vehicles. We explained the reason behind our actions and the importance of locking vehicles. Owners without number plates were fined,” added Kamaliya.

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