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Executed devlpmt work in Surat’s Choryasi: MLA Patel

Surat: One of the largest constituencies in the state, Choryasi of Surat district has always been a challenge for elected representatives.

Dominated prominently by the Koli Patel community, reaching out to the constituents has not been made easy by its vast geographical area.

However, after assuming the MLA seat from the constituency Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) first-term MLA Zakhana Patel told First India that in her three-and-a-half year term as the people’s representative, she has commissioned and undertaken several projects looking out for her constituents’ interests.

Elaborating on the challenges faced during her tenure, Patel said, “It is the largest constituency that covers 10 wards of the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) and also villages falling under the Surat Urban Development Authority (SUDA) or Hazira Notified Area Authority.

Two big industrial areas such as Sachin and Hazira are part of the constituency. As the constituency is diverse, so are the issues. I have tried to address them as much as I could.”

Patel also enlisted a few important projects executed from 2017 till date, such as a hospital that will be built in the industrial zone of Hazira area.

“Earlier, the state government was set to allot two acres of land for this project. But now, it will be allocating five acres of land for the hospital. Similarly, a school is also coming up in the Sachin GIDC, which will benefit the families of industrial workers living in the vicinity of the GIDC estate. Work on roads has also begun in remote areas, which had been pending for the past several years,” she said.

As the constituency is spread over kilometers of area in the eastern and western parts and on both sides of the Tapi riverbank, it is not easy to keep up with the voters, she added. However, MLA Patel can be found working away at her office, for specific hours over the week.

“Despite best efforts, visiting villages in the Hazira area is more or less event-based. Though lakhs of crores of rupees are invested in large industrial units, youngsters with engineering degrees, diplomas are unemployed in the area.

The big companies are not implementing the state government’s labour laws and granting 80% jobs to locals,” complained Manish Patel from Bhatlai village.

Infrastructure in villages is in bad shape. Roads get washed away every monsoon and are neither repaired nor resurfaced for eight months a year, alleged Manish.

Talking about the development witnessed in Surat district, Bhimpor-Dumas resident Umesh Patel said, “Even as Surat city has charted new heights of development, coastal belt villages are still in bad shape, despite the fact that they have been merged with the SMC since 2004.

For instance, if Bhimpor village receives showers for an hour or two, waterlogging is a very common problem for residents. If anyone falls sick, they have to travel over 15 kilometres to the city in order to receive medical assistance.”

With the political climate leaning towards the BJP as of now, Umesh stated, “Unfortunately, people living in this belt are wedded to the BJP and its ideologies.

Therefore, even if our representatives, whether they are corporators, MLAs or MPs do not visit or address the issues faced by villagers, people will continue to vote for the ruling party. As far as MLA Zankhana Patel is concerned, she belongs to the Koli Patel community, and it cannot let her down.”

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