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Cell number 92628473xx owner booked for extortion and conspiracy

Vadodara: Unknown callers extorted as much as Rs 4.71 lakh from a man from Vadodara who got calls from cell phone number  92628473xx and 96085643xx.

The caller shared morphed nude photos of female members of the complainant’s family. As the extortion continued, the complainant ran out of money to pay to the extortionist and he lodged a complaint with the Padra Police Station in Vadodara on Wednesday night.

The complaint has been lodged against an unknown person calling from cell number 92628473xx and 96085643xx under various sections for Indian Penal Code wherein a book, pamphlet, paper, writing, drawing, painting, representation, figure or any other object, shall be deemed to be obscene, conspiracy, extortion and various sections of Information and Technology act. 

Complainant Jainesh (name changed) has stated in his complaint that on April 29 he had gone to Ekalbara Dargah, when he received a call from cell number 92628473xx, the caller inquired if he wanted any sex service.

Though he refused the caller shared a number and asked to make Rs 250’s membership fee through Google Pay.

He made the payment, within minutes he received a call in which he was asked to make payment of Rs 42,876 and threatened that if he failed to pay up, pictures of his wife, daughter, sister-in-law and niece would be circulated on social media. 

Moments after the call, he received nude photos of female members of his family. He got frightened and made the payment in nine transactions.

Between April 30 and May 3 through 35 transactions, he paid Rs 4.29 lakh to the caller. 

Having eventually run out of money and realising the extortion would never end, he mustered the courage to lodge a police complaint.

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