Thursday, June, 08,2023

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90% Covid victims asking O2 have psychosomatic issues

Rajkot: If mind experts are to be believed, around 90% of Covid-19 cases demanding oxygen are cases of psychosomatic disorder.

Based on a survey in a telephonic counselling of over 1,000 people and medical officers, the psychology department head of Saurashtra University Dr Yogesh Jogsan has revealed that “Only 5-10% cases of Covid positive patients genuinely require oxygen, rest cases which demand for oxygen are result of psychosomatic disorder.

He said, “When a person starts thinking about something continuously, he also starts developing its symptoms.

The constant fear keeps the person alert, leading him into negativity resulting into psychosomatic disorder. The surge in demand for oxygen in Corona patients is the result of this disorder.”

“Even various medical teams are surprised that when there is no major infection but people sought oxygen. It is not the physical body that is demanding, but because of psychosomatic reasons the need for oxygen arises.” Jogsan said.

Hina Doshi, 64, a patient of blood pressure and diabetes was severely infected with coronavirus in April with oxygen level around 68-70.

“The doctors told us there are only 20% chances of recovery. She was on a ventilator. But we communicated with her that she had recovered 80%. She also saw deaths in her ICU ward.

But we kept telling her that she has to come back. She was back in 13 days from the hospital,” said Dr. Dhara Doshi, daughter of Hina, who is a psychologist.

“Mental health is now a priority. Fear has gripped the people’s mind,” Dr. Jogsan added.

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