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45% Guj people in post-nCoV recovery suffering from bipolar disorder

Rajkot: Dr Yogesh Jogsan and Sonali Shingala of Saurashtra University’s psychology department have found that around 45% people in the state who have recovered from COVID-19 now suffer from bipolar disorder also known as manic depression.

The duo studied 3,690 people who are currently in recovery.

“Usually, this disease is prevalent in 1-5% of the population but, the pandemic is making people feel helpless. The occurrence of bipolar disorder has seen a steep rise of 45%, which is dangerous,” Dr Jogsan, head of psychology department, said.

Bipolar disorder generally manifests in an individual due to a combination of genetics, environment and altered brain structure and/or chemistry.

“People with bipolar disorder suffer from mental problems that could be dangerous and result in severe mental discord.

Manic episodes may include symptoms such as high energy, reduced need for sleep and loss of touch with reality.

Mood episodes may last days, months or even years. Hence, it is very important that people suffering from this disorder are never left alone,”

he added. Physical symptoms may include complaints of “ear and/or head ache, constipation and pain near the abdomen, especially in females,” he explained. 

“Meditation, diverting attention by engaging in favourite activities, exercise, music and most importantly communicating with loved ones can help people,” Dr Jogsan suggested.

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