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Zaeden & Amyra Dastur on Jaana, heartbreaks and more!

One of the most favourite and much loved duo Zaeden and Amyra Dastur recently joined us for an exclusive conversation to talk about their song Jaana, rejections, heartbreaks and more! Keep reading.

The song revolves around a heartbreak speaking of which Amyra revealed her reaction to the story of the song, she said, " Zaeden did not tell me the story of the song. We usually talk over Instagram, we have known each other for so long and we have always extended our support to each other through out. The thing with Zaeden is if he tells me i have a song, i know the song and the story both are gonna be great without any doubts. And when he told me about this song, he said it was a sad song. I became more excited for it, because i wanted to do something emotional for a quite some time now". 

Speaking of how he comes up with such extraordinary heartbreak songs, Zaeden said, " Jaana is a really special song, it is about fighting for your love and that idea really struck me at a certain phase of my life. And for this particular song, i didn't think of anyone except for Amyra for this song. 

Speaking of Amyra he said, " She is always the first choice, i completely agree getting dates is bit difficult but no one can do it better than her".

When asked about experiencing a heartbreak, Amyra said, "We all go through heartbreaks at certain point in our lives. And even i went through it. We all have that first true love, who always ends up breaking our heart but later in life we get inspired from it to make something creative happen. And Zaeden has done the same with jaana. This song has particularly reminded me of my first love". 

Talking about their experience of working with each other, Zaeden said, "I had to do some great level acting for it because Amyra is just a perfect co-star. She has given me some amazing tips for prepping up. I used her help mostly for the crying scenes, asking her how do you cry. And i thought it will take me atleast 15000 takes to nail it. 

Later they opened up on their respective journey. Zaeden revealed, " I used to play tabla in my school but then later i realised i won't be getting girls of i keep playing tabla so i learned guitar after that. And growing up music was always there. It is a medium through which i mainly express myself. I started playing DJ but then later i realised that i want to explore another things to express myself. So i started writing and singing and yeah so far the journey has been great!". 

Amyra said, " I remember i was just sixteen and i was in school when it all started. I used to tell my mom that i want to be a model and an actress. No one from my family was from the entertainment industry. So i convinced my mom, that I'll do ads and as soon as I started giving auditions i got so many ads. Plus i was brilliant at modeling. And after 3 years i got my first movie when i was just 18. And i remember i got so many positive responses for it that i bagged my second and third film after that. And i was in college during that time, i had to match my shoot dates with my college exam dates. I have worked in Tamil and telugu films and it is so far the toughest thing, i was so stressed. But so far it has been a great journey!". 

Concluding the conversation they spoke about their rejections. Amyra said, " I have definetly faced a lot of rejections and it used to affect me in the start. Because a thing about rejection is that it can eat you up. But over the time, i am grateful for it all".

Zaeden concluded, " We all face rejections but it is completely on us how to deal with that low point in your life". 


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