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"The only fear is that can we get even remotely close to the original!" Suniel Shetty on Hera Pheri 3

One of Bollywood's most popular actors, Suniel Shetty, is now preparing for the premiere of his next series, Hunter. Fans are quite anxious to see the actor make a comeback in his action persona and perform some great stunts.

He will be portrayed in the series as an ACP officer who turns out to be a killer who has fled the scene.

Suniel was questioned about how it felt to work with the Hera Pheri team again after almost 17 years apart and whether the tale of Hera Pheri is moving forward in time as the second and third parts of the series had just begun filming. He said, "Yes and No. Because the characters are the same and its their journey so you don't have to take that kind of a leap from a story perspective. All I know is that it's a great script. It's an emotional journey, again of these three guys and their struggles. Baba (Sanjay Dutt) is also coming in. The only fear is that can we get even remotely close to the original! There I think that if we do things honestly and maintain that honesty, people will latch onto the film. Hera Pheri was a very honest film and it has got great recall value. So I am looking forward to it." 



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