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The dynamic duo Ranveer Singh and choreographer Rajit Dev is back this time with a well known soft drink commercial

The new Pepsi India ad with Ranveer Singh is making waves. People have been raving about the concept, his looks and have found the entire package very entertaining. So who is the man behind Ranveer’s vibrant steps? It’s none other than talented Rajit Dev who has collaborated with Ranveer in the past too. Speaking more about his role in the popular commercial Rajit says,”The new Pepsi commercial and anthem is making a lot of waves, thanks to the contagious energy of Ranveer Singh. I’m the director of choreography for the Pepsi commercial and the music video. Ranveer and I have worked together right from Band Baaja Baraat - his first film. We share a great bond as friends as brothers and as mentors to each other. He’s always been supportive to me in my career till now. I love him and respect his dedication towards work.”

The ad was shot in February in Dubai. He also adds,”This project was exciting for me mainly for two reasons - one I’ve seen all the Pepsi commercials while growing up from Sachin Tendulkar to Shah Rukh Khan and I love the popular tag line Yehi Hai Right Choice Baby Aha. Secondly the song Yahan Ke Hum Sikandar that's used in the commercial is full of nostalgia. While doing this anthem again we have incorporated the song and presented it to the youth in a perfect manner. I got all my favourite young dancers from India to Dubai to be a part of this because they inspire the youth. So the final outcome is good and I have received some great feedback.”

While speaking more on Ranveer, Rajit adds,”For me he’s the most passionate and hard working actor. His energy is unmatchable,his vibe is infectious. He does 100 percent justice to his work. I always look forward to work with him.” 

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