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"She’s a proud Muslim, like I’m a proud Hindu, but it doesn’t clash with each other", Manoj Bajpayee on his partner

Manoj Bajpayee has claimed that although some people may have objected to his marriage to Shabana Raza, they lacked the confidence to voice their concerns in person. The actor continued by saying that because of his reputation for having a nasty temper, people are reluctant to say things like that. Years after they originally met at a party, Manoj and Shabana got married in 2006. Neha Bajpayee, commonly known as Shabana Raza, has appeared in movies including Kareeb (1998). 

Asked about facing societal or family pressure for marrying Shabana, Manoj revealed, “Had there been any, it was not conveyed to me, it was not made obvious to me. I come from a Brahmin family, she comes from a reputed family. But, surprisingly, none of my family members objected to it. Never. (have there been comments on the caste or religion). Till now, never.”

Manoj added that both his wife and him are more spiritual than religious beings. “She’s a proud Muslim, like I’m a proud Hindu, but it doesn’t clash with each other. Because we are more spiritual than religious. Even if they would’ve talk about the religion of my wife, they could not have the strength or the courage to speak to me, on my face. Because they know that I don’t mince my words. I’m very hard when it comes to anyone talking like that. I come very, very hard. I’m a tough guy then.”

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