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Shefali Shah opens up on an air hostess who left her smiling!

Shefali Shah took to Instagram to write about an incident in the past when a person commented on her looks. She also shared that recently during a flight she was not recognised by the air hostess initially, revealing how she doesn't try to aim to look perfect all the time, but rather prefers to keep it real. 

Shefali wrote a detailed caption to go with her recent Instagram post where she shared a picture of herself taking a nap on a flight. The actor was seen with her hair untied, and holding a book in her arms. In the caption, she wrote, “The air hostess sweetly took my breakfast order and suggested I don’t keep anything on the side on my seat cause it can slip into the crevices. I’ve lost many things having not taken the advice in the past. I’m grateful for her kind advice and I did listen. She came back, I thought to reinstate the swallowing capacity of my seat but no. She came to appreciate my work and it was so heartwarming and wonderful to hear.”

“She left me smiling to return yet again. This time to say- “me and the other crew didn’t even recognise you. You look so different than you do on screen, but love your work.” smiled and left. The ‘But’ planted a seed of doubt. Don’t know if what I saw in her eyes was appreciation, compassion, or sympathy. 

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