Tuesday, June, 06,2023

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Satish Kaushik Killed?

In the wake of Satish Kaushik's passing, his family has been crushed, and industry insiders are in disbelief at what transpired. Due to a professional obligation, the veteran actor had a severe heart attack while in Delhi. He was taken to Fortis hospital, but the actor couldn't recover and passed away. Now that the actor has passed away, the businessman's wife has made the strange claim that the actor was murdered. You did read that correctly.

According to sources, businessman Vikas Malu's second wife reported him to the police, claiming that he asked to refund the Rs. 15 crore he had borrowed from the deceased actor during a disagreement over their joint venture.

Vikas Malu's second wife told ANI, "Satish Ji and my husband had business connections as well. In August 2022, an argument broke out between Satish Ji and my husband, where Satish Ji demanded Rs 15 crores that he had earlier given him. But my husband said that he will give the money to India." She further added, "When I later asked from him about the money, my husband said that he borrowed the money from Satish ji, but the money went for a loss during the COVID period. My husband was not in the mood to return the money; he even said that he would use blue pills and Russian girls to do away with Satish Kaushik. That's why I have brought this angle to the police for a "fair investigation". 

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