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Sargun Mehta: Nobody in the theatre is going to see in how many days a film was made, they are more interested in the final product

Sargun Mehta is a name to reckon with in the Punjabi film industry. She has delivered amazing performances back-to-back and her films have got the cash registers ringing and how. Happy with her journey so far, the actor wants to continue with her work. It is being said that the Punjabi film industry has this bindass culture and Sargun shares how things work.

 “It depends on trust. When studios came there, they wanted an agreement to be signed. I was like I don't remember anyone in Punjab who had signed an agreement and we did not have legal people in our teams because we didn't have any papers to sign. Everyone kept on saying that we had to be disciplined and organised, but didn’t do anything. I am somebody who hates structure. Nobody in the theatre is going to see in how many days a film was made, they are more interested in the final product. My motto was just to make a great film. My writer sometimes sits on the set and tells them we can do this scene in a better way and he would change the scene completely and we would be making the funniest scene on the set. Something like comedy doesn't come with structure, it comes with what is happening around you. We don't have any formal conversations and we are very cordial with each other,” she shares her working style.

 Having started her journey with Hindi television, she has come a long way. Her first TV show 12/24 Karol Bagh happened when she was just 20. After a successful stint on the tube, Sargun shifted focus to Punjabi cinema. She is also interested in Bollywood and made her debut with Cuttputli. 

 Talking about her stint in the Hindi film industry, she adds, “I am keen as its national presence is huge, at the same time I want similar things to happen with my Punajbi films. But, I haven't set my goal or myself out there in Bollywood. Cuttputli was an exception because when I heard about the role and read the script I thought that people would see me in a different light. So, I took it up. For me, it's always been about inorganic love and inorganic role, if it is meant to happen it will happen.”


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