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Rakhi Sawant gets husband arrested

Rakhi Sawant has frequently made headlines for her antics. She recently gained attention due to her marriage to Adil Khan Durrani. Their secret wedding was revealed a few days ago, and ever since then, there have been problems. According to sources, the police have detained Rakhi's husband Adil after she filed a complaint against him. 

Rakhi Sawant filed a FIR against her husband, Adil Khan Durrani, at Mumbai's Oshiwara Police Station a few days ago, but she didn't give any specific justifications for doing so. He may have taken this action as a result of his involvement in adultery, which caused Rakhi a lot of stress. She went so far as to say that he had physically hurt her and taken her money. The audio of Sawant announcing her detention to the media was posted by entertainment pap Varindert Chawla.  

Rakhi Sawant informed the media on Monday that Adil has made the decision to remain with his partner Tanu. The television star further said that he only ever gained notoriety in the entertainment sector. She further said that there are a lot of criminal cases in Durrani. She said, “He used me to get into Bollywood, made a ladder to become a star in Bollywood. He took all the money that I had. I have all the proofs. He has used me–emotionally, physically, and mentally. The torture that I have faced! After marriage, I came to know the number of criminal cases against him in Mysore.” The media also spotted them in the city, where they were seen having dinner together. 

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