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Pathaan Review: Shah Rukh Khan makes a power pack comeback!

Pathaan is an espionage thriller that crackles with intensity, and despite the derivative genre elements it assembles, it is incredibly enjoyable and dependably gripping. It succeeds by relying on Shah Rukh Khan's smug and incredible charm, which he brings to an exercise that is both overdone and thrilling in his first full-fledged appearance on the big screen since 2018's Zero.

The technical side of Pathaan is also quite strong. The top drawer belongs to Satchith Paulose's cinematography. The film's editor, Aarif Sheikh, gives it a fast pace that eliminates any opportunity for slow spots. Additionally, Siddharth Anand's cinematic sleights are stunning with their pulpy panache. Together, they make Pathaan an utterly captivating film that readily receives the suspension of disbelief that it needs and feeds on.

Shah Rukh Khan, who doesn't miss a trick in shedding his King of Romance character and wearing the armour of an unflappable, unstoppable action hero, is obviously a significant contributor to the ease. He does not even let a hint of the effort involved in the transition show. He performs flawlessly in both the character and the movie, as if this is what he was destined to do.

The majority of the other main performers, including Deepika Padukone, Dimple Kapadia, and Ashutosh Rana, provide performances that are exactly in line with the tone and content of Pathaan. The movie starts off strong and doesn't waste any time.

The most striking feature of Pathaan, a masala entertainer at heart, is that it has the guts to go from the bounds of a massy film and produce incisive, perceptive moments that offer a reflection on current affairs. At a time when the Mumbai film industry relies on othering and demonising people to advance a dominant political narrative, it is an act of bravery that ought to be honoured since it is much more about humanity than false patriotism. 




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