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"I thought I didn't look like Shakuntala..that I didn't have the grace", Samantha reveals being dicey about playing Shakuntala

Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu recently revealed that she was a bit apprehensive to play Shakuntala from her now upcoming release Shaakuntalam, initially. 

When she was asked about why she was in double-minds to play this role, she said, "I thought I didn't look like Shakuntala. I thought that I didn't have the grace and the poise of Shakuntala. But, this is a kind of a common trait with me over the last few years that I have (always feared) - for all the roles that I have played (,I initially feel), 'I can't do it. I can't do it. I just can't do it'. 

She further added, "So I think this is a kind of a trait that I fear but then I confront that fear. I think this is sort of an evolution of not just me as an actor but me as a person as well. I fear everyday but somehow I confront it and I think all of the characters that I have done in the last few years are characters I was absolutely fearful of playing."

She concluded, "I don't play characters that I usually do. There's always a new character. There's always a new part of myself that I'm discovering to play the character and the part that I don't even know that exists as yet. So I think the hesitation comes from there and not really that I have self doubt. But everytime I am addressing a new subject, I am unlocking a new part of me that I didn't know existed." 

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