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I give you Murad- to hate, to love, to judge and to be surprised: Taha Shah Badussha pens a gratitude note on the release of Taj- divided by blood

Making ripples across the town with his power-packed impactful performance as Murad in Taj: Divided by blood, Taha Shah Badussha is inundated with praises and love. Overwhelmed by the abundant response, Taha Shah Badussha expressed a note of gratitude scaling his journey in the entertainment world.

Taha begun his journey with YRF and waited to earn his due struggling through the harsh realities of the showbiz. Finally receiving the opportunity to put forth his talent through Zee 5’s historic drama Taj: Divided by blood, Taha has outdone himself by unleashing the beast within himself for the role of the menacing, ruthless, power-hungry Murad. 

Thankful to everyone and everything in his journey, Taha said, “ Shukriya, Murad!

It's like waking up and walking in a dream. This Indian Boy

from Dubai was launched by YRF a decade ago, yet, had been struggling each day since, for more roles, for more

opportunities and a little bit of acceptance, and some stability.

Acceptance from this industry, my peers and (i won't lie), my

own self to achieve the tall goals I set. A couple of films,

numerous tvc's and varied projects later, a dream did come true - Of being in a historical and making someone use my action and performance skills on screen. I watched a few episodes at the premiere couple days back, and all I could say was a loud "Thank You Mama" in my heart! All I am feeling today is grateful. Grateful to the woman who never gave up even when I did, to Abid and Monica, for being the best bro and sis-in-law anyone could ask for. I love you guys and can't

imagine anything without you'll! ❤️ Ron, William, Abhimanyu,

Roopali, Daniel, Apoorva, Raghav, Tanuj, Khurram, Varsha and the entire team, thank you for taking us on a magical ride. To the stunning cast of this Magnum Opus, you beautiful souls, all of you, thank you for your sheer kindness. Naseer Sir, I love you, and you know that, and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine being in the same show as Dharmendra ji. Sirs, it's

been an honor! Shout out to Neerusha for making me feel

regal and live my childhood dream of being a warrior! 

The support crew and the extraordinary unit, the massive sets, the extensive shoots and painstaking training, both physical and mental has been worth every bead of sweat. As Taj-Divided by blood releases today, We give it to you to watch and to

experience. I give you Murad - to hate, to love, to judge and to

be surprised what lengths a man could go, either for power, or just as much a hug of paternal assurance, a part on the back?

Or may be both?

ZEE5 and Contiloe, you guys are part of Murad's being now!

Thank you.

And my team, the ones who kept me going. How do I thank you? (Sawaal nahi, soch hai, bas).

Tuushar, Utkarsh, Kuldeep, Adhyayan, Dhanraj, Kumar,Aaditya,Pramod. You guys are the best.

Sanchita and team, love and only love, and big hugs to you'll”

Defining perseverance, commitment and passion, Taha Shah Badussha is the quintessential outsider who is carving his own path into the industry with experimental roles and impressive performances. 

Looking forward to an interesting line up in the upcoming future, Taha Shah Badussha has marked his arrival as the dependable actor. 

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