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"I feel she never truly got the chance to say her piece", Zeenat Aman pens a heartfelt note for late late actor Parveen Babi

Zeenat Aman, a former co-star of Parveen Babi, posted a tribute to the actress on Instagram on the occasion of her birthday. In the 1970s, when they were both just getting started, the two were frequently compared with one another. More than the articles about her mental health and the guys she had dated, the veteran actor wrote about wanting to have a good remembrance for the late actor. She felt that she never had the chance to express what she wanted to and wanted everyone to remember Parveen for her bubbliness.

On Instagram, Zeenat Aman penned a long note in remembrance of the late actor. She wrote, “Parveen was gorgeous, glamorous and talented. Back in the 70s, we wore our hair in a similar manner and enjoyed Western fashion. Though neither of us saw it, we were told we had an uncanny resemblance. It must have been true, because as recently as last year I was approached in Dubai as “Parveen ma’am”. Naturally the media at the time spun tales of competition and rivalry between us, but in reality we were always warm towards each other. Not best friends, but contemporaries, colleagues and well wishers. We worked together on Ashanti and Mahaan.” 

She continued, "Parveen’s struggle with mental health illness came at a time when the country was still so insensitive and ignorant on these matters. After her death, I often ruminated on how she was remembered. The tabloids focused on her romantic relationships and “episodes”, but Parveen was much more than who she dated or what she said when she was unwell. I feel she never truly got the chance to say her piece."

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