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I design my action scenes, I ensure that I don’t copy a shot from any Hollywood film: Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn recently revealed that most of the Indian Films adapt action scenes from Hollywood. But the actor said he makes sure that when he does an action scenes nothing is copied from a Hollywood film.  

Recently in an interview when he was asked how he ensures that the action in his films is so top notch, Ajay credited his father Veeru Devgan.

"I have inherited it from my father (action director Veeru Devgan). I have learnt most of it from him. He used technology at a time when it wasn’t available. He took it to a point where people were amazed at how he did a particular scene at that particular point. Now that I have the support of technology, I can take it forward and create something where even people who are exposed to technology will turn around and wonder how this was created," Ajay said. 

Speaking about a scene from Bholaa, Ajay said, "Whenever I design my action scenes, I ensure that I don’t copy a shot from any Hollywood film. In most of our movies, you see the action sequences and know that this is something you have seen in a Bond film, or a Mission Impossible. So, when you create something different, there is no reference point, and it becomes tougher to execute. This action sequence that you are talking about was very risky. We needed some top-notch bikers, so we flew in some international ones, and some from Pune and rehearsed for three months. To capture the chase, cameras needed to be closer. It was riskier, and so we designed the equipment accordingly keeping safety in mind." 


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