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"I am a star only till 6 pm, after that my life is extremely normal", Samantha Ruth Prabhu on netizens calling her star

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is doing everything possible to promote her eagerly anticipated next movie, Shaakuntalam. In this Gunashekar-directed film, Samantha plays Shakuntala, the title character from Kalidasa's well-known Indian play, while Dev Mohan plays Dushyanta. Samantha recently talked about playing a character that she could only imagine as a child during significant promotional events in Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu at an event in Mumbai said, "I was doing gritty and real roles like in 'The Family Man 2'. Right from my childhood, I have always loved the Disney kind of genre. If I am happy, I watch Disney films. If I am sad, I watch them. Playing a Princess in a film like 'Shaakuntalam' was special, given that she is a symbol of perfection. It was intimidating initially to play such a role. But I have been taking challenges for the past few years. Producer Dil Raju had a lot of confidence in this script. This is a role I could only dream of as a child. I believe that's a great endearing factor for all girls, women and families. What I felt while playing the role would be felt by the audience. This is not a simple story. There is love, there is betrayal, there is redemption... It was a complex character that was written many centuries ago," said 

On being asked how life has changed after being a Pan-India star, she has an epic reply by saying that somebody must tell her pets that. "Because I still clean their poop," she laughed. 

On a serious note, she said, "I don't think my life has changed. I am a star only till 6 pm. After that, my life is extremely normal." 

She added, "I never ever dreamt I would come this far. I feel very privileged about the kind of roles that I am getting to do. It's exhilarating and so fulfilling. I am so happy despite the job being so tough. It's good to play roles where you get to do action and not to be a woman on screen who gets saved by the hero all the time. It is absolutely great. It's a new phase for me. I am absolutely enjoying this phase." 

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