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"He is playing for the country, is not playing gully cricket", Suniel Shetty opens up on KL Rahul's performance!

Recently, actor Suniel Shetty spoke out about his son-in-law, cricketer KL Rahul, who has struggled on the pitch. Rahul married actor Athiya Shetty, Suniel's daughter. Rahul and Suniel have a tight relationship, and Suniel claimed that when Rahul does poorly at work, the family avoids talking about it at home. In addition, he said that KL Rahul cannot be taught cricket because he represents his country rather than just taking part in "gully cricket." 

Suniel in an interview said, "We don’t discuss about failure or not doing well because we all know that they (his children) are fighters. We show more love. We talk about everything else in the world and try to take your mind off. I can’t teach KL Rahul how to play cricket. He is playing for the country, is not playing gully cricket or for somebody to comment and say ‘aise khelo, waise khelo’. If I would have said it would have been for gully (street) cricket.”

“I can see a young boy going through tough time but willing to stand up there and realise and work hard. Aur baat kya karega, balla hi baat krega baaki to baat karke fayeda hi nahi hai (What is there to discuss. At the end, his bat will do the talking) This is not films where as a team we can go out. He has to go out there, face that ball and play and he will and he continues to do that,” he added.

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