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"Earlier, the woman was an accessory, but today all these characters have become the leads", says Shefali Shah

Shefali Shah has discussed how roles are increasingly being written for older women. She claimed that before the age of about 25, women were cast in supporting roles and were viewed as little more than props in movies and television shows. She also discussed her thoughts on the idea of method acting and the steps she takes to become the role.

Last year, the actor appeared in three movies and two web series, including Delhi Crime 2 and Darlings, both of which received a tonne of positive reviews. She also appeared in the movies Jalsa and Doctor G as well as the web series Human.

In a recent interview Shefali talked about how older women are now getting better roles now. She said, “Earlier, the woman was an accessory, she had a shelf life of 18 to 22-25. After that, when you got offered something, if you ask what is the character - hero ki mummy, heroine ki behen. That's her relationship, what is her character? But today, all these characters have become the leads. They are centre of shows, films.”

During the podcast, Shefali also revealed she does not believe in method acting. She said, “Marne ka scene hai to kya marne wale ho? Kisi ko marne ka scene hai to kya sach much maroge (will you die in the dying scene, will you actually beat someone in a violent scene)? You can't do that. But there is a lot of thought, conversations with the director, actors. What is she, where she's come from? What you are seeing is three months of the life, a slice of life. What is built up to it to who she's become. I don't want to be known as ‘Shefali did a good role’. I rather be recognised as the character.” 

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