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Babil Khan refuses family privileges

Babil Khan, the son of Irrfan Khan, is highly active on Instagram and frequently posts old photos of him and his late father, amusing anecdotes, and his cherished memories of Irrfan Khan. In the Netflix movie Qala, which was published on December 1st 2022, he made his acting debut. While people began to contrast Babil's acting abilities with those of Irrfan, he insisted that he wasn't attempting to emulate his father and that he wanted to keep his uniqueness as an artist.

He also spoke candidly in a recent interview about his desire to use his advantages for evolution rather than for job-seeking.

Acknowledging his privilege, he said, “I have experienced privilege in my life, why must I hide from that truth? Instead, I try to stay true to my sense of morality and the values of my upbringing in the use of that privilege.” 

According to him, using privilege as a quick route to success is not his style; instead, he thinks that it should be used to advance one's development. He continued by saying that instead of using his privilege to obtain employment, he makes use of his father Irrfan Khan's contacts to pick the brains of industry experts.  

"This notion arises within me from the understanding that life gives you privilege as an opportunity and the way you put that opportunity into effect is the test of your character. For instance, instead of using my privilege to fetch me work, I utilise the privilege of baba’s connections through being around and absorbing from people that are immersed in and masters of the craft; then I apply the knowledge gained from those experiences in my auditions and my work. I don’t think the ethical questions regarding privilege are about whether or not you have privilege but rather about how you use it,” said Babil. 


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