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Anupam Kher talks about success of Pathaan

Recently, actor Anupam Kher spoke out about the failure of boycott movements against Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan, which continues to dominate the box office. Siddharth Anand's film was directed, and in just 12 days, it earned 832.2 crores globally. Anupam added that individuals had viewed the movie even out of retaliation.

Talking about how Pathaan touched success beyond all expectations, Anupam opened up in an interview saying, “Aap trend dekh ke thodi picture dekhne jaoge. Koi bhi nahi jaata trend padh ke. Agar aapko trailer aacha laga toh aap jayege film dekhne. Jab pitcute aachi hai toh duniya ki koi takat nahi rok sakti. Log toh vengeance se jaate hai ki 'mujhe toh dekhni hai film' (No one gets influenced to watch a film by a trend. If you liked the trailer of the film, you want to watch it. If the film is well-made, no one has the power to sabotage it. People even go for the film with a feeling of vengeance against the hate trend).”

“The film audience never boycotted cinema. We had gone through the Covid pandemic, there was a lockdown, and people were asked to sit in their houses. This has happened after 100 years or so. During this phase, audiences look out for other means of entertainment. The OTT platforms saw a boost, and they started watching the films with their ease. To bring them (audiences) out of fear takes some time,” he added. 

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