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Ankit Gupta Exposes Dark Reality Of TV Industry!

After making an appearance on Bigg Boss season 16, actor Ankit Gupta became very well-known. Well, his supporters had high expectations for him. But he was kicked off the contentious reality programme. The actor is expected to make a comeback with his programme Junooniyatt as Jahaan after his time on Bigg Boss. It's a musical drama on stage.

Ankit, who became well-known because of his television programme Udaariyaan, is currently making headlines since he made some startling revelations about the casting couch. The actor recently disclosed how he was required to make a concession in order to obtain employment in the field.

Ankit Gupta revealed he was asked to compromise to get work in the industry and he went on to add people in positions would claim that they have launched many biggies of the TV world. The actor recalled the incident on the casting couch and said, “Yahan toh compromise karna padta hai. See Ankit aise toh kaam nhi milta hai na industry mai. We have launched several people. They used to take the name of biggies, stating that many celebs were launched by him.”

Calling it his worst experience Ankit Gupta further added and said, “I am not into guys and even if I am, I cannot do this. It was my worst experience.” 

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