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Anand on Mother's Day!

Anand posted and adorable photo of Sonam and Vayu from their naming ceremony. Twining in yellow, Sonam can be seen in the photo cradling her newborn baby son in her arms and giving him an adorable gaze. All things cute, the post was about Sonam enjoying her first Mother's Day, so Anand wrote a lengthy note for her along with it. Adorable isn't it!

His post read, "I have to admit, and Sonam can verify, that emotional / social awareness is not really a strength of mine. As a result, it’s really taken me seeing what @sonamkapoor has done over the past 17 months (and actually even longer) in ensuring the best emotional and physical health of herself and our baby to really understand the levels of commitment and selflessness it takes to be a full time mom. In an age when we all have been accustomed to immediate reward systems, committing to motherhood really does mean giving endlessly over and above that system. It has also re-emphasized her responsibilities as a daughter, sister and wife (and girlfriend :P) as she navigates making sure our son gets all the love, learnings and blessings he can from our big family as he slowly grows into the most unique individual with the assets of our heritage and also without the burdens of any expectations. I know all of this is cliché in a sense which is why I started by saying that it’s taken me seeing @sonamkapoor do all this to really appreciate the magic of motherhood. To @sonamkapoor and to all the moms (and we all have some degree of motherhood in us even if not everyone is a ‘full time mom’) Happy Mothers Day!! You are the root all life & love." 

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