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Surat's Pride: Vispy Kharadi sets 3 more Guinness records, total reaches 10 records

Multiple Guinness Record holder and one of the best-known exponents of martial arts in the country Vispy Kharadi, who has brought global fame to India, has once again rewritten the record books with not just one or two but three Guinness World Records. Vispy broke an 11-year-old Guinness World Record at the Sarsana dome in Surat on Wednesday and also created two more world records, both of them a first.

Vispy, who already holds seven Guinness World Records in painful and potentially dangerous stunts, created three more Guinness World Records in a day today.

The first world record was crushing the maximum number of drink cans, 84 tins, with hands in a minute. The previous Guinness World Record was in the name of Muhamed Kahrimanovic, who had crushed 74 tins with his hands in a minute in 2011.

The second Guinness World Record was for the most concrete blocks broken in one minute. The record bid required breaking at least 51 concrete blocks of the density and size as prescribed by the Guinness Book of World Records using the elbow. Vispy sailed through the record bid.

The third Guinness World Record was for the heaviest concrete blocks broken on a bed of nails sandwich. The record bid required Vispy to be sandwiched between a bed of nails. A 525-kg block was then placed above him, which was broken with a hammer by youth and fitness icon Sahil Khan. The dangerous stunt did not have any time limit. It is noteworthy that barring the record of crushing the drink cans, the other two records have not been attempted earlier. The Guinness Book of World Records permitted the stunt by looking at Vispy’s physical toughness.

Speaking after etching the three new world records, Vispy thanked Divine Nutrition’s owner Hiren Desai, KP Group’s CMD, Faruk Patel, and Sahil Khan. The three dignitaries honoured Vispy by bestowing the title of Steelman of India upon him.

About Sahil Khan

Sahil Khan is an actor, a fitness trainer, and an entrepreneur who has won numerous awards in the field of fitness. He is also a popular YouTuber and has more than 2.8 million subscribers.

About Vispy Kharadi

Vispy Kharadi is a proponent of martial arts and Kudo. He holds a black belt in different types of martial arts and is also an expert in Krav Maga. He has also given fitness and strength training to BSF and NSG commandos in armed and unarmed combat and as a Krav Maga trainer. He is also a nutritionist.

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