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World Television Day: TV is nepotism-free, says Sonal Panvar

While she agrees that TV has no nepotism, actress Sonal Panvar also says that one needs to give everyone an equal shot at success. She adds that just because one comes from a film or industry background, does not mean one is not talented.

“TV is actually nepotism-free, but in my opinion if someone deserves it, they must be given a chance, even if they have someone else in the industry backing them. I don’t hate nepotism at all, if someone is good at their job and they belong to these star families, they should get what they deserve because their families have worked hard for their children to be in that space. In every field, things go like this only,” she says.

Talking about the competition that OTT gives TV, she says, “I really feel the audiences of TV and OTT are completely different, so there is no competition at all, but yes, the charm that television used to have where families would watch everything together has changed.”

Ask her why she loves the TV industry, and she says, “Two things is first that you have a paycheck every month, no matter what. It’s a stable job to do. Secondly, the respect you get from television is admirable… no OTT or movie can give that in a very short span. TV audiences love their actors and characters.”

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