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World Television Day: TV and films are my life, says Supriya Khan

Actress and Producer Supriya Khan says that TV and films are what her days are made up of. She adds that she has always understood the significance of TV in her life. 

“There is not a single day when we don't appreciate the presence of the television in our lives. Since childhood and till now, television has been growing its landscape and connecting the world together through its ever-evolving content. Television is a key medium for educating, directing, and influencing public opinion. Television was a crucial part of our lives as kids, that was one of the main sources of entertainment during our childhood. Of course, while studies were an important part of my life, watching shows meant for kids inculcated some strong life lessons in me. It has inspired me as a person and working in television has helped me leave my inhibitions behind. It made me express myself better. Everything I have accomplished till date is due to television.  I started working in 1995 as a model and actress. It has been a beautiful journey of 28 years in this medium. It has changed my life to a great extent and has given me priceless memories that I will treasure for life. I am forever grateful for the same,” she says.

She adds, “With the rise of the digital era, I think we owe our global growth to television. TV and films are my life, my world revolves around them. Not because of me being in this profession, it's also because of Ismail being an ace Director. We discuss and watch good content together. Personally, I love romcoms and science fiction. In the regional space,  I do watch Marathi movies being born Maharashtrian.”

Talking about OTT, she says, “Of course, TV has tough competition from OTT. It's just because of cheap and reliable internet, growth in usage of mobile and smart TV devices, higher cost of cable, and the flexibility to watch content on the go. OTT allows viewers to choose what they want to watch and when they want to watch.”

She adds, “We also cannot deny the fact that OTT's downsides include high data usage, content addiction, privacy issues, lack of content regulation, and its strong impact on traditional media. All these factors can be considered as the disadvantages of OTT platforms in comparison to TV.”

TV is considered nepotism-free, but it isn’t so, she says. “No industry is reference or nepotism free, be it film, television, OTT platforms. It's everywhere, of course talent and destiny matters but reference plays an important role for the first step to showcase yourself,” she adds.

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