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World Environment Day: Celebs talk about doing their part to save the environment

World Environment Day is observed every year on June 5 and encourages awareness and action for the protection of the environment. And here’s how the celebrities are taking care of the environment:

Gauravv Mukesh
On World Environment Day, I make sure to do my part in protecting the environment. I switch off lights when I'm not using them, avoid using plastic whenever I can, and separate my garbage for recycling. I also have potted plants at home to help clean the air. I also support eco-friendly initiatives and advocate for sustainable practices in my industry, such as using biodegradable or reusable props and sets. These measures, along with others like reducing paper usage and supporting renewable energy sources, can collectively make a big difference in preserving our environment for future generations. Overall, I believe everyone should take small steps like these to protect our environment, like planting trees, reducing waste, and using energy wisely.
Anuj Arora
A lot of childhood memories spring to mind as I talk about being an environmental enthusiast myself. As children, we were made to respect Mother Nature in the most uncompromising ways, be it food, water, electricity, time, or any other thing for that matter. At a very young age, we understood that we were here to protect the various gifts of Mother Nature rather than abuse them. And I am eternally thankful to my family for the same. At my father’s factory, we used to have more than 10 cows, for our grandfather wanted his family to be fed only the purest dairy items like milk, ghee, butter, curd, etc. To make it all the healthier and more environmentally friendly, he decided to construct a biogas plant there, resulting in minimal or no waste and also a lot of good manure for the plants. My mother, who loves being with nature, has carved out a wonderful and huge garden in our bungalow in my hometown, which she tends with the utmost care and love. And so do we! Post-COVID, when I shifted back to Mumbai, I thought of doing something better for my health and also the environment. So I decided to gift a bicycle to myself. That way I could somehow work on my ecological footprint and also make my pocket bulkier by a few more 1000s every month, which wasn’t a bad idea. So I went to this cycle store, and there I happened to learn about e-cycles from the salesman who was explaining the concept to some other customer. I instantly fell in love with the idea and bought it. Till date, I have complimented myself for the smartest investment I made that day, and I love riding it to my gym every day, as well as for the small household tasks nearby, like grocery shopping, etc. When the weather is nice, I even take it to my meetings through Metro Trains, which all have a dedicated parking space now, so as to appreciate the efforts.
Deepali Pansare
I think everyone needs to take small steps to protect the environment. I personally avoid plastic at home. I make sure all the taps of water are closed properly, the lights are off before I leave the house, and we must plant trees for our future generations. And if we love nature, then preserving trees and water is very important. The kind of pollution we have in cities is damaging to the health of our kids too, and we have to make our children understand the importance of protecting Mother Earth.
Kavitta Verma
We are thriving because of favorable nature, flora, and fauna. Being a part of this beautiful ecosystem, we should also be doing our bit to protect it. I always have a dustbin in my car to avoid unwanted littering. I also make sure to have lots of plants at home and a corner for them to avoid wasting electricity. If we want to breathe fresh air, then we do have a responsibility.
Ankit Bathla
I believe that there are no specific methods we need to tell someone to follow or a list of things we need to do. If we just understand and are sensitive towards the environment, and recognize that all resources have life, and that we have life because of these resources, we will automatically start being more compassionate towards them and not waste them. Something as small as switching off the tap while brushing your teeth or making sure you have plants around you—maybe even planting some trees on your birthday—can make a big difference. Carpooling is also a great option. There are so many things that can be done, but it’s all about mindset and sensitivity towards the environment.
Shivangi Verma
When it comes to the environment, even the slightest amount helps. I was surprised to learn about global warming, as I was aware that today's actions can contribute to a better world future. I try to minimize my impact on the environment by conserving energy, not just at home but also when I visit friends and family. Even when I travel, I always carry a little bag with me in which to save the packaging and boxes of any food products before discarding them. For me, plastic is a huge no. I have been acting in this way ever since I first learned about climate change and global warming, so it's not like I just began doing it now.
Celesti Bairagey
What we require now is a clean environment. I started planting trees every year when I first learned about global warming because I was old enough to understand that it had long-term effects. I would then make sure I didn't waste any water. I realised that anything I wanted to do for this cause had to begin today after reading about locations where people had to go a great distance to acquire fresh water, and ever since then I have not wasted water. We also have a little garden, and my daughter is learning how to care for plants and why she should only use trash cans to dispose of trash.
Simple Kaul
We have a serious responsibility to protect our huge seas from contamination as guardians of our planet. A legacy of environmental care will be etched by our actions today; therefore, let's work together on this major project. By promising that no trash or plastic will ever desecrate the endless length of our oceans, we must all together dedicate ourselves to the holy responsibility of protecting them. Because the lifeline of our world beats in these watery areas where land and sea meet, it is everyone's duty to keep this life-sustaining pulse untarnished and unwavering.
Gulfam Khan Hussain
I am a nature lover, and since childhood I have been conscious of minimal waste. I reuse, recycle, and upscale old stuff. Segregation of garbage is something I am very strict about in the house. I do random inspections to check if the helpers are following the instructions. When we travel short distances, friends mostly carpool. If we co-artists stay close by, we try to carpool, or I at least try to pick up a couple of crew members on my way.
Poonam Shende
Apart from being an actor, I also work as an interior designer, so in all our projects, we suggest light automation to avoid excess usage of light. And we avoid all artificial plants on terraces or in an artificial vertical garden; instead, we use all real plants on terraces as well as in living rooms or bedrooms. I have used all real plants in the vertical garden walls of my house too. So these small changes will help to save our environment.
Varsha Hegde
I do my best when I am not home or when things are not needed. I'll switch off the lights where I am not there; I'll switch off fans if not needed; I'll not waste water; I'll reuse water from my washing machine for mopping the floor or cleaning the washroom or toilet; I try to reuse the water; and I try to recycle a lot of things. So that when I am not home or when things are not needed, I'll switch off the lights where I am not there; I'll switch off fans if not needed; I'll not waste water; I'll reuse water from my washing machine for mopping the floor or cleaning the washroom or toilet; I try to reuse the water; and I try to recycle a lot of things. So that is how I do my bit to help the environment. Happy World Environment Day! I hope we all do our bit and make our earth a better environment for everybody to live in.
Namita Lal
I am a firm believer that if we as human beings don't do something about looking after our planet, our future generations are going to be in big trouble, so I try my best and try to do very small things to make sure that I am doing the right things every time. Other than the standard stuff of switching off lights, etcetera, I try to take, you know, showers with buckets that use very little water compared to showers with a shower. And I avoid using long cooking processes. So I cook in mud vessels because food can be cooked without the use of gas for a long time. It stays warm, and it cooks on its own for a long time. So I do those kinds of things pretty regularly; I look out for things that I can do. I don't do laundry, for example, every day. I make sure I do it only once a week. I don't use the dryer. I try to use the clothes and put them out for drying. So those are the kinds of things I do to avoid using cars as much as possible. I walk, I walk, and I use public transport, etcetera. So yeah, that's my contribution. There are little, little ways to keep helping the planet recover from all the damage we've done.

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