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WHAT! Suniel Shetty recalls how he received threatening calls from the underworld, "I used to abuse back. I had cops..." says actor

Suniel Shetty, a 61-year-old Bollywood actor, is unstoppable because he never stops captivating audiences with his acting talent. Recent performances by the actor in 'Hunter Tootega Nahi Todega' and 'Dharavi Bank' have been particularly strong. Suniel has also been in the news for making some shocking and shockingly upsetting revelations. And Suniel remembered in a recent interview how he had received threatening calls from the criminal underworld.

The actor said during his interview on the podcast 'The BarberShop with Shantanu' that he received calls from the underworld in the 1990s but didn't react out of fear. Suniel was quoted saying, “You know I used to get calls saying, ‘I will do this, I will do that.’ I used to abuse back. I had cops telling me, Listen, you’re crazy. You don’t understand, they’ll get upset and they could do anything.’ I said, ‘What? I’m not wrong, protect me. What have I done?’ So that’s the background I came from.” The actor further revealed that he has done some crazy stuff and he has not told anything about it to his kids, Athiya and Ahaan. “I have never told Athiya and Ahaan what I have done. I have done some crazy stuff. Got injured, got out of it and self-healed. And that’s where, from a fitness perspective, I always say, Time is the best healer’,” Shetty further shared

The actor continued by saying that his family had previously resided in the Lamington Road neighbourhood, where the original "Golden Gang of Mumbai" had their beginnings. Despite the fact that his father's business was doing well in the neighbourhood, he said he did not want his children to grow up there. “He begged, borrowed, stole. He did not steal, but they moved into an area with better culture, better schools, better people,” Suniel stated.

In the meantime, Suniel Shetty's next professional appearance will be in the upcoming movie Hera Pheri 3, in which he will reprise his Shyam character. Farhad Samji will serve as the film's director.

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