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What! Shraddha Kapoor said she would never marry someone who doesn't love Vada Pav

Shraddha Kapoor often professed her passion for Vada Pav at various stages during her career. Vada Pav is at the top of Shraddha's list of favorite foods since she is a serious food enthusiast. She never misses an opportunity to snag Vada Pav, whether it is on the sets or in her daily activities. When asked if she would marry someone who doesn't love vada pav, the lie detector machine says it all. Her passion for Vada Pav is undoubtedly so obvious that she cannot resist it.

When asked if she would marry someone who doesn't enjoy Vada Pav, Shraddha replies in a humorous way. The stress of the situation, however, continues to build as we wait to hear Shraddha's response. Surprisingly, the actress responded with a resounding YES, but that's when the lie detector picked up on her deception and sounded the red buzzer. The actress ultimately said, "I don't think so," after acknowledging that her relationship with Vada Pav is a match made in heaven that she also cannot deny.

Shraddha's devotion to Vada Pav has established itself as an obvious reality that is occasionally clearly seen. The actress enjoyed the auspicious day by giving out vada pav to her admirers on her birthday as well. This demonstrates how straightforward the actress is in real life, which is why she has a large national fan base and a large social media following in comparison to others.

Shraddha's performance in 'Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar' has been receiving a lot of positive feedback. Since the movie's OTT release, the actress is everywhere on the internet. Shraddha Kapoor will next be seen in 'Stree 2,' in addition to this.

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