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Vihaan Samat Riding High on the Success of Mismatched season-2, on being termed as the biggest “Green Flag”

For any actor the highest of praise is the appreciation of the character he portrays, and the charming actor Vihaan Samat is living that moment right now thanks to the success of his latest web series on Netflix "Mismatched season-2." However, while the success of the series is evident from the audience reactions, the praise for his character "Harsh" is trending over social media for all the match worthy reasons.

Vihaan in an exclusive interview with us said, "This feels surreal. Like a dream come true. It feels like all the hard work really paid off."

On being asked about the character he portrays, the actor replied amusingly, "Harsh is a beautifully written walking green flag. It’s a great example of men written by women. It's a character that has remained close to my heart since the beginning since I’ve not seen a more nuanced and mature character who has dealt with rejections the way he does. And it's not just about handling rejections. There's so much more like the balanced perspective towards elders, being a caring and genuine friend, and most importantly being a nice person at heart. I feel fortunate to have been able to do justice to the character.

Lastly, when we referred to the "Desh ki Dhadkan" title bestowed to him by Netflix itself he laughed and said, "I don’t know how much of it is true but I admit that I love it. Having said that, I look forward to honouring the title I have been given with consistency and dedication to my craft.

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