Tuesday, September, 26,2023

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Vihaan Samat Gives Us Major Fashion Goals

Vihaan Samat, known for his performance in Mismatched, who says he has always aimed to play impactful roles that stay in people’s minds, also treats us to some amazing fashion trends. His Instagram page is a myriad of styles that can be taken inspiration from. Some are just too dreamy while others take our breath away with their sheer creativity.

The _Eternally Confused and Eager for Love_ actor has shown us on many occasions how he can be well dressed in multiple versions of attires. From colourful blazers to down to earth boyish hoodies, he looks handsomely in everything. The star also never fails to impress us by his out of the box fashion statements. Here are FIVE amazing times when he absolutely nailed the fashion game.

First is a simple white tee paired with a woolen jacket that looks perfect on this "national favorite". The actor flaunts a brave red suit in another picture while he is seen in colourful attires in yet another shot, stealing all our hearts. A still of him in pastel shades just makes us go aww and we are sure this is the effect he has on all girls nationwide. 

Vihaan Samat played the character of Harsh , one of the most loved from the cast of the show gave us a brilliant performance in season 1 and was an instant favorite among all with his lovely smiles and personality.

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