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Vidyut Jammwal & Govinda graced the Bharat 24 Super Conclave!

Bharat 24 a channel that is constantly challenging their own existing ways, thoughts, processes and systems and developing radical new ways, tools, processes and systems that show the way to the audience organised the Bharat 24 Super Conclave with Industry experts in presence. 

Bollywood stalwarts Vidyut Jammwal and Govinda recently graced the 'Bharat 24 Super Conclave' in Delhi where the actors  spoke candidly about their journey and more with our acclaimed Journalist and editor Ashish Tiwari accompanied by Anchor Ayushi Shekhawat. 

Initially Govinda revealed how Vidyut has been doing an incredible job but still managed to stay away from the filthy controversies. About which Vidyut said, Govinda is not just 'Hero no 1'.. he is also a 'Human no 1'.

Speaking on his journey Govinda said , “ I believe a person can only be successful if he’s loyal to his work. My connections with my fans cannot be expressed in words “

Vidyut recently celebrated his birthday with his fans speaking on the same he shared, " My father is from the army, and growing up we have changed many cities, because of my father's profession. So coming from a small town. Whenever I used to attend parties, i would borrow clothes from my friends. So after whatever 8 have achieved today, i have realised that my fans, my audience who watch our films, our like our friends who no matter what take that time out to watch our films and support us, so i thought why not share whatever i have earned with them. So calling them on my Birthday was just a small gesture towards them".

Both of the actor's also went on to express their love for their mothers revealing that they wouldn't be what they are if they didn't had their mother to back them up in this journey of life and that they owe literally every bit of success to her. Vidyut also mentioned how women has a very powerful thing called 'Instinct' which men lack and they are just beautiful the way they are and no one should have the right to tell them otherwise.

When asked Vidyut what is the secret to his discipline, the actor said, "Martial Arts is a key to everything, and i am proud that everything was born here in India, the mother of all Arts! And i am proud representative of 'Kalari Paith'. So it's inbuilt in is with the practice that we do for years".

Both actors were greeted with lots of love and adulations from the team and the audience. Govinda and Vidyut also met our media Maestro Shri. Jagdeesh Chandra Ji and spent some quality time discussing the current scenario’s in the Industry and more.

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