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Vidyut Jammwal continues to do the impossible! Watch as he walks the Highline over a canyon!

Vidyut Jammwal once again an extreme sport and this time around it’s highlining - a sport that is not for everyone and requires extreme caution and focus. 

Highlining involves the counterintuitive act of walking on a line hundreds of feet above the ground on a one-inch rope that’s thinner than an average waist belt. It takes athleticism, balance, stamina and most importantly mental toughness to walk a long line.


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Talking about highrise and his love for extreme sports, Vidyut shares, “Extreme sports are a great way for me to experience the connection between my mind and my body. Highlining is a sport that requires extreme focus and balance. Discovering what my physical and mental abilities are and how far I can go, is my greatest ambition in life.

The King of Kalaripayattu spent time with some of the top highliners in between his shooting schedules and after wrapping up his shoot, and went on to walk one of the biggest highlines very few people in the world have attempted. We cannot wait to see what this action star has in store for us and how he inspires us future!

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