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Umarah Naushad Ali recounts her journey towards creativity

Umarah Naushad Ali, who is the granddaughter of late music composer Naushad, says that she always wanted to get into something creative. She says that gradually things opened up for her, and she got into animation and VFX. Additionally, she is also a pastry chef and has her own events company.

“Initially, I wanted to get into engineering, so I was a science student. But very soon I realised that I don't want to be stuck in books ,I don't want to do this. And I changed my field. And I went towards animation and VFX. After that, I did 3d interiors. I was freelancing for, like, ten years. But side by side, I was always into cooking. And all these years, since I was 17, I've been cooking. So all the parties in my house, whether it's 30, 40 people, I used to not let my parents order from out. I would cook the food for everybody and because I have been cooking for so many years and everybody loved the food so much, everybody used to tell me that I should open a restaurant. So at the end, I wanted to get the official tag of a chef. I trained as a pastry chef and I got my certificate from London city and Guilds, and I trained under chef Rakhi Vaswani, who's a very known celebrity chef. And now I'm working for a company as a COO ( Chief Operating Officer) and as a recipe developer, she says.

Talking about what lies ahead, she says, “In the future, I want to go ahead in this field only, obviously, maybe someday, have something of my own, a restaurant and of course, I have UNA events  (Umaraah Naushad Ali Events) that I am concentrating on! I want it to somehow connect this catering to that and just excel in both, basically and I'm sure they both will be connected at some point. So, yes, that's the plan for the future.”

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