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Tusshar Kapoor on being apprehensive about playing Lucky in Golmaal franchise

Having debuted in 2001, the actor has been a part of many movies and has essayed versatile roles. However, the one that he is most remembered by his mute character Lucky from Rohit Shetty directorial Golmaal: Fun Unlimited. During a recent interaction, he opened up about feeling insecure and apprehensive while playing the character.

The character was shown to be the fourth friend in the group of notorious but kind-hearted friends. Tusshar’s character was shown speech-impaired in the film and eventually became immensely popular. However, the actor shares that he was concerned about taking up the role.

The actor-turned-producer shared that the movie was inspired by a play that had three characters. While approaching him late filmmaker Neeraj Vora, who wrote the screenplay and dialogues for the movie, informed him that they are planning to add a fourth character. Talking about the initial thought process behind his character, Tusshar said, “Initially, we thought that we would do it through sign language but when we started shooting for the film, my tutor Vikas Kadam and Rohit decided to do something different.”

He added , “They said that ‘Let’s do a mute character who can hear’. When you go to a temple or any place, you meet such people who know what things sound like. I don’t want to trivialise it but they know what things sound like. That character we wanted to play and then happened and did workshops.”

Talking about learning the correct body language and emoting in the right way, Tusshar said that, “We sat down and decided to watch all the chuckling movies, and watch all movies which are silent. So lets work out something with body language and expressions. Riyaz (practice) karvaya usne mujhse and asked me to do it in a very high pitch because Ajay has a very low base and Sharman and Arshad have higher pitches. So, he wanted to me go higher than it. Throughout that phase I was a bit insecure, ki ye character kaisa lagega because at that time Kya Kool (Hai Hum) bhi lagi thi and it had many dialogues.”

The actor was also apprehensive because he was sharing screen with actors who were already known for their comic timing. The film also starred Ajay Devgn, Arshad Warsi and Sharman Joshi.

Sharing his thoughts on the same he shared, “There was Ajay, Sharman, Arshad, Paresh Bhai and they are all experts in comedy. I was like, what will this silent character do. But it was my faith in the director and the entire team, there was something about that package that was very promising and decided to close my eyes and take a leap of faith.”




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