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Tunisha Sharma’s Lawyer Claims Sheezan Khan’s Family Would Give Her Unprescribed Medication

Sheezan Khan has been arrested and placed in judicial custody after his co-star Tunisha Sharma died by suicide on the set of Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul on December 24 and the suicide case has been taking a new turn every day. The bail hearing of Sheezan Khan in the Tunisha Sharma death case has ended in Vasai Court today. The judge has reserved his judgment till January 13. 

Earlier, it had been revealed that Tunisha Sharma was very close to Sheezan Khan's family. At his bail hearing on Wednesday, lawyer Tarun Sharma accused Sheezan's family of giving the wrong medication to Tunisha, which he claimed was being prescribed by someone from Jaipur. He went to reveal that Tunisha was never depressed and it was Sheezan who was distancing her from her mother and uncle. 

Sharma alleged that the 28-year-old actor and his family have been trying to tarnish the image of the deceased and her family by lying. Opposing Sheezan’s bail, the lawyer questioned why he was being evasive and not coming clean about his deleted WhatsApp chats.  

Tarun went on to allege that it was Sheezan who drove her to commit suicide, arguing that he had constantly lied to her during their relationship. As quoted by the media publication, the lawyers said in Court, “All the photos found are found on Tunisha's Instagram. Nothing has been found on Sheezan's Instagram handle. It means Sheezan didn't love her. He was just using her.”

The lawyer also dismissed the claims of the late actress making her last call to a Tinder date, before committing suicide by questioning how he knew about it. He revealed that the last call Tunisha made was to her mother. 

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