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Tensions soar as Parineet unmasks deceit in the court in COLORS’ ‘Parineetii’

In the upcoming week, Parineet explains her situation to Jaanki and decides to stay at her place for the night. In the meantime, at the court, Sanju expresses hope in Parineet's abilities, while Parineet's family eagerly waits for her arrival. However, Neeti feels jealous of Parineet's influence on Sanju. Meanwhile, tensions rise as Parineet's absence worries her family, and Madhu secretly celebrates Parineet's absence, unaware of the danger Parineet faces. Later, Parineet faces trouble on her way to the court as goons attack her auto; after waking up injured, goons chase her, causing a frantic chase. In court, Parineet arrives in time, presenting evidence against Madhu's false accusations. Parineet exposes Madhu's deceit, leading to her embarrassment and Rushad's realization. Meanwhile, Parineet proves Sanju is innocent, and Rushad apologizes, while Neeti seethes in anger. Later, everyone celebrates at home, and Sanju plans a terrace dinner with Parineet. In the meantime, Sanju and Parineet spend a romantic evening on the terrace while Neeti is infuriated to see this. However, Neeti pretends to get injured and seeks Sanju’s help. Later, Sanju lifts her in his arms as she pretends to be unable to walk, but Shelly comes in and tries to take care of her. The lingering questions remain: Will Neeti's jealousy further complicate Sanju and Parineet's relationship? 

Stay tuned to 'Parineetii' airing every Monday to Sunday at 7:30 pm only on COLORS!

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